Stay away

There’s almost no way to avoid it. At some point in your life you will run into a toxic person.

And if you’re not careful, that person can burrow their way deep into your life, and spread their toxic, poisonous energy everywhere.

It may not always be their fault they are like that.

When speaking on the topic of toxic people, Psychotherapist Jodie Gale stated that, “Often the person is deeply wounded and for whatever reason, they are not yet able to take responsibility for their wounding, their feelings, their needs and their subsequent problems in life.”

Maybe they were raised a certain way and come from a toxic home life, or went through a traumatic experience, earlier in life.

Whatever the case may be, the sad truth is that we can’t help most people dealing with toxic behaviors within themselves.

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It’s a problem they eventually have to diagnose and fix on their own.

That’s why the best way to deal with a toxic person and their behaviors is to not even play along with them.

And while that may sound to simplistic, we’ve outlined a few ways to can do so.

So here are a 7 ways you can deal with a toxic person instead of playing along with their games.

1. Set and Maintain Clear Boundaries

Toxic people will always try and push you to your limit.

They take advantage of good hearted people and continue to take from them until they can’t anymore.

This is why you have to set and more importantly maintain clear boundaries with them.

We can’t expect everyone to be as kind hearted and respectful as us, so make sure to do this early on.

If they do something you find inappropriate, let them know immediately.

And always be sure to speak your mind and let them know what you simply won’t tolerate.

2. Let Them Know When They Do Something Wrong.

A lot of the times we have a close relationship to some of the more toxic people in our lives.

We may even understand the reason why they are acting out in a toxic way.

We feel sympathy for them.

Which is why we often let their outburst or wrong doings go unchecked.

But this only validates their actions as being acceptable.

Which causes them to continue and escalate their behavior.

This is why you need to vocal and let them know when they did something wrong.

Or when something is their fault.

They won’t see a problem in it, until people let them know it’s a problem.

Or worst, they’ll continue to blame others for everything.

This is why it’s important for you and those around them to let them know when it’s no ones fault but theirs.

3. Don’t Trust Them.

Toxic people love being the center of attention and seen as the most interesting person to be around.

To do that, they will share any piece of juicy information or shiny object that isn’t theres that they can get their hands on.

This includes your deepest, darkest secret, or anything you let them borrow.


This is why you shouldn’t trust them with anything.

Even if they try to reassure you that they can be trusted.

Or tell you how much they have changed.

Unless you see constant proof of changed behavior, don’t believe their words.

4. Don’t Get Dragged Into Their Drama.

Toxic people constantly need the sympathy of others.

To get the sympathy they seek, they’ll continuously bring up their problems, looking for others to feel bad for them.

When they try to bring up their woes, do your best to ignore it.

Or try changing the topic to something more positive.

5. Let them expose themselves.

Sometimes even after you do your best to call them out on their wrong doings, toxic people will continue their behavior.

So if they continue to lie and display toxic behavior, let them do so.

Others will eventually catch on, especially if it’s constant behavior.

That way you don’t have any chance as being seen as the bad one who’s not sympathetic.

But they can be exposed for the liar who keeps crying wolf.

6. Ignore Them.

When all else fails and they’ve made it abundantly clear that nothing you do will change their ways, just simply begin ignoring them.

If they are at a party and try to start baiting you or those around you, with sad stories or insults, simply ignore it.

Change the subject or walk away.

Slowly but surely, with every time you ignore them, you show a toxic person that they can’t affect you and get the energy they are trying to drain from you.

They’ll eventually stop and move on to someone who is easier to manipulate.

But you are armed with an arsenal of knowledge on your back, and you won’t stand for their emotional manipulation!

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