Swan Dies of a Broken Heart After Teenage Boys Threw Bricks on Her Eggs

Humans have always acted as the sole inhabitants of the world.

Our blatant disregard for healing and taking care of the earth has caused us severe damages to our environment.

Sea levels are rising, unexpected droughts and unpredicted weather changes were only a few of the disastrous effects we’ve caused to our dear land!

And oh we are not too kind to animals too.

We’ve pushed a lot of animals into extinction. Even causing their numbers to shrink inconsiderably faster than trying to preserve their kind. 

But even in our everyday life, we never fail to treat them unfairly.

Seeing a stray dog, we throw rocks at them. 

Seeing a hungry cat, we play with them until they get hurt. 

Yet sometimes we do just the worst, even hurting them so much that they lose a life. 

The recent incident at a local park in the UK has left plenty of netizens appalled and dismayed.

Posted by a concerned netizen via Facebook, the man named Michael James Mason, a wildlife enthusiast,  shared his sadness and dismay over what had happened. 

swan dies of a broken heart

(c) Facebook | Michael James Manson

As seen on a Facebook post, where a lone swan has died due to a broken heart. 

In a thread of post, the concerned netizen first shared the incident stating that “he doesn’t really want to post as it comes with great sadness”

swan dies of a broken heart

(c) Facebook | Michael James Manson

He narrated how the swan was guarding alone her eggs, as her partner run away.

As the swan is taking her own time staying in the nest where she laid her eggs, it took the attention of some teenage boys who have done such heartless and cruel acts. 

It must have been a stroke of pure bad luck as the teenage boys without hesitation, have thrown bricks over the innocent eggs lying on the nest.

The weight of the bricks has severely damaged the eggs which almost destroyed all of the swan’s eggs.

In his updates, though the swan was able to survive the attack, it wasn’t able to strongly hold its sadness caused by the destruction of her yet-to-be-born children. 

Moreover, the swan has already protected her young ones against other birds and prey beforehand.

Yet the attack caused by these delinquents was the final straw of what the poor swan can handle. 

Speak about a real mother. Whether it is a human or an animal, being a mother is as precious as it can be. 

Later revealed by the local authorities that due to the painful loss, the swan died of a “heartbreak.”

The sad thread of posts has captured the attention of not just the people but of the media in the local Manchester area in the UK.

The post went viral and many concerned netizens shared their opinions and comments about the unfortunate incident. 

Most comments were furious, disappointed, and disgusted with how cruel man can be to another life. 

One Facebook commenter shared her disappointment to what had happened saying “Makes me angry, sick and sad.

Why can’t people just leave things alone!! Gosh, this makes me angry”

Another commenter said that she feels for the swan as being a mother saying that it “hurts even if it’s not a human they also love and wait for their babies with so much love”

The post has also spread out to other social media platforms like Twitter that also causes a stir in emotions. 

Manchester News shared the original Facebook video captions “Swan whose nest was smashed up by vandals with bricks ‘dies from a broken heart’” has also caught the attention of netizens who shared their sentiments.

On one Twitter account, the person re-tweeted the post sharing questioning the behavior of man of today saying “What have we become.

To public urged local police and park authorities are set to strengthen their protection in the ground parks and fields.

To protect not just human life but of animals as well!