The Most Fabulous Woman Was Spotted Sipping Pink Gin From A Wine Glass On The Subway

Riding the Subway might not feel like the most fabulous activity out there, but there are ways to look good while sitting in cramped quarters amongst antsy strangers just trying to get from point A to point B.

Take a hint from this fiercely fab woman who was spotted in a Subway car sipping pink gin from a wine glass. The world may not know her name, but she’s won over the Internet.

Dressed in all black, down to her socks and rhinestone flip-flops, the blonde woman on a London subway kept her head held high while sipping on her beverage of choice.

Mark Locke @langcatlocke

Despite the lack of sun below ground, she wasn’t about to shed her sunglasses – they were a part of her on-point look.

Twitter has adopted the nickname “pink gin Tube lady” for the mystery woman.

Mark Locke was the first person to Tweet out a picture of the unknown woman with the caption: “To the lady drinking a pink gin and tonic *from a glass* on the Northern line, I salute you. Classy.”

Locke’s tweet has since been deleted but the woman’s picture continues to circulate the web – leaving us all more than a little curious about who she is, where she’s going, and what she’s doing now?

In fact, people can’t stop talking about the woman –




Turns out, ‘pink gin Tube lady’ isn’t the only person making herself at home on the Subway.

Instead of drinking, this woman is using her time on the Subway to prep for dinner… 

Cheers to everyone out there who doesn’t give AF and is just living their best life…