There’s a Mystical Forest in Belgium Carpeted With Bluebell Flowers

These beautiful photos by  Kilian Schönberger show off Belgium’s spectacular Bluebell flowers which are currently in peak season for visitors who want to embrace the beauty of the famous bluebell flowers.

These flowers come into bloom around April to May, creating a magical purple carpet beneath the trees.

The Hallerbos forest in Belgium is a spectacular example of said flowers, and you’ll want to time your visit to around mid April, although timing of the bloom does depend on mother nature’s clock that year and that year’s pace of temperature change.

The forest covers 2.25 square miles and includes Bluebell Walk, as well as three other marked trails you can walk on. First, there is the Achtdreven Walk.

This is the shortest walk at 1.12 miles and is perfect for those with limited mobility or other needs.

The second longest walk is the Sequoia Walk, which is a little bit more advanced at 2.48 miles. Finally, there is the Roebuck walk which clocks in at 4.35 miles and is a more difficult undertaking.

Drones are not allowed in the park and you must ask permission to take professional photos of the beautiful flowers.

The soil and flowers are also very sensitive, so it is important that all visitors stay on the path and follow it as marked.

To get to Belgium’s Hallerbos forest, you can travel by car or train. If you travel by train, you can even rent a bicycle to bring you right into the forest.

The forest is just 10 minutes by train from Brussels, and 2.5 hours from Amsterdam. If you can’t make it here, the bluebell flowers can be found across Western Europe and the U.K., so you can still have a chance to bask in their glory.

Hallerbos Forest, Belgium

Hallerbos Forest is a fantastic looking forest residing under the municipal of Halle.☘☘❤

Posted by Happy world on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Check out a video highlighting the beauty of the Hallerbos forest here!