TikTokers Try To Prove Fake Snow Conspiracy And It’s Not Working

Amid the cold snap in Texas, people are now burning snowballs trying to prove a conspiracy theory that recent happenings such as the Texas storm were masterminded by the U.S government.

In various videos circulating all over social media, conspiracy theories claim that the cold snap, which has brought about the death of over 30 people in Texas, was all the United States government’s doing.

On a good day, anyone would take these claims with a pinch of salt, but it’s appalling how thousands of people have swallowed it hook, line & sinker, with many even going to stupendous lengths to prove them.

As it is with trends and conspiracy theories, thousands have joined the bandwagon and are now burning snowballs with no regard for science and sublimation.

TikTokers in particular have been sharing videos of themselves trying to melt snowballs with a lighter and some with a hairdryer, many of which portrayed the balls of snow not melting.

This has made them conclude that the United States government is hiding a lot from its citizens.


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Another TikToker, CowBoyRikter75, shares a video of himself stuffing the snow into his hands, echoing the same thoughts that it is fake and has something to do with the government.

“Good government snow right here. It falls off your hand and doesn’t even make it wet,” he said after the snow he rolled into his hands failed to melt.

In the same vein, one of his viewers said, “I’m from Chicago.

We get different kinds of snow certainly, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Another viewer commented, “Just had my friend drop by here in Texas, and I made him check out the snow. Turns out the snow isn’t real. It’s crazy!”


GOVERMENT SNOW IF IT WAS TRUMP IN OFFICE IT WOULD SPRING #foryoupage #snow #trump #fyp #govermentsnow

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But, what’s the science behind these recent events? Is there any feasible explanation as to why the snow, particular the one in Texas, have been bizarre lately?

Astronomer and science writer, Phil Plait, has in fact explained the phenomenon back in 2014 when the same conspiracy theory about the snow being fake was making rounds all over social media.

According to Phil, the snow is actually melting, but the water isn’t dripping because the remaining loosely packed snow itself is absorbing the water while being burnt.

“But what’s causing the burn marks on the snow?

It turns out that’s coming from the butane, that is the chemical that fills up a lighter,” he explains.

According to Phil, the snow shown in those social media videos can actually melt, and the best way to do so is to let it melt.

As seen in the video, Phil puts leaves a ball of snow in a pan and, a few hours later, the seemingly dry and stodgy snow, had dissolved into water.


This goes to explain that the snowballs in the TikTok videos are that dry and stodgy due to climate change, and this is not the first time it’s happening.

But unfortunately, the misinformation and fake news are already spreading like wildfire. TikTok itself hasn’t been able to curb the spread of misinformation on the platform, despite their guidelines stating that ‘misinformation related to emergencies that induce panic is banned’.

Meanwhile, many other conspiracy theorists have linked the big freeze to Bill Gates, who recently provided financial support to a Harvard project on dimming the sun in a bid to slow down climate change.

As a result, many have cited this project as a reason for recent events, even though the said project hasn’t even begun yet.

Indeed, some of these claims have a political undertone, with some people claiming that, if it were Trump’s administration, it would spring.

These claims have in no way been of help to people who are trying to survive in a temperature as low as 18°C, with no electricity or clean running water to help them ease through.