35 of the Best Tweets From The Final Episode of “Game of Thrones”

On April 17, 2011, the very first episode of Game of Thrones aired… and now, over eight years later, we find ourselves at the end of it all.

We waited for winter and dragons and to find out who would take the Iron Throne. Well, the wait is over. While many people are disappointed with how it all went down, the tweets have been never ending – giving us reason to laugh, smile, scream, and sometimes cry.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about the series finale of “Game of Thrones.” Enjoy!

1. The show picked up after Dany torched King’s Landing to the ground

2. The trauma of it all when Tyrion found the bodies of his family, including Jamie’s golden hand


4. Daenery’s soldiers when Tyrion took of his pin

5. Tyrion tried to convince Jon Snow to off Dany, and it worked

6. Dany was busy eyeing that Iron Throne like a sweet snack

7. Can we all take a moment to cry for drogon?

8. My throne now!

9. WTF Drogon, get him!

10. If only the writers had thought of this…


12. The top leaders got together to discuss Jon’s fate, as well as who should be given the crown to rule

13. What about democracy?


15. Lord Edmure talking himself up

16. Tyrion thought Bran should be Lord of the Six Kingdoms… but the internet did not agree

17. Sansa for the win

18. The one thing Drogon should have burnt…

19. 97% of peoples’ reactions to the season finale… and most of season 8

20. Signed this petition yet?

21. Who feels like a clown now?

22. Forgive me, I’m lost…

23. Some people just don’t deserve that A

24. In the end, it’s the animals that matter

25. Does anyone else wish they could unsee this?

26. Bran already has a chair so bye-bye Iron Throne


28. Anyone else do this?

29. Or this?

30. The downward spiral of a classic


32. Arr-ya the pirate



35. At least one thing happened that we all wanted…

How do you feel about the final season of Game of Thrones