Watch What Happens When These Wild Animals See Their Reflections For The First Time

Animals living out in the jungle have never seen a mirror or their own reflection before, but how would they react if they did?

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre decided to find out.

He traveled to Africa and set up several mirrors equipped with surrounding cameras throughout the jungle in order to capture animals’ reactions as they walked on by.

The footage he captured is too good to be true!

I couldn’t stop laughing watching these animals see their reflections for the first time.

The best part is they all have a different way of handling the situation.

This massive gorilla was pissed off someone was trying to be the new big guy in town…

Right away this group got started working on their synchronized dance moves

This guy was spooked by the whole thing “Who the hell are you!?”

A fancy way to look at yourself in the mirror…

Going in for a touch…

This vain cat thought her reflection was pretty enough to lick!

The animals were having so much fun with the mirrors Brierre had to clean up the glass so other animals would have a chance to check themselves out.

Elephants are clearly the least vain animals in this jungle. This one couldn’t care less about seeing his reflection…

The award for most dramatic reaction goes to: “This bitch stole my look!”

Watch the Full Video:

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