20 Weird Things Dads Do That Nobody Can Explain – Talk About Relatable!

Dads are great – they love us, support us, tease us, teach us how to throw a ball and get what we want out of life.

They are also full of wildly intriguing mysterious – like why won’t they stop and ask for directions? Why do they grunt when they sit down? And why do they deny that they are sleeping when they are in fact sleeping!?

Turns out, my dad and your dad aren’t the only weirdos on the block. People are taking to Twitter to share the oddly questionable things their dad does, and the Internet is saying – “MY DAD TOO!”

Sadly, even with all the attention brought forth to these million-dollar questions, the world remains without answers.

1. Shake, pop & eat it

Popular answer to this question? They are preventing chocolate from sticking to their skin. Any dads out there that can confirm this as truth?

2. We can make fun of this one, but in the end, we score some delicious BBQ (and I ain’t complaining!)

3. I’m not sleeping… you’re sleeping!


4. Which brings us to this fine question…

5. The official news watching stance

6. Why do dads sneeze so loud?


7. Cut the cheese

8. Stop yelling!

9. Back in my day we didn’t need no GPS

My favorite (and most relatable response) to this tweet: “Same reason you see the time of arrival estimate and then try and beat it.” – @RickyHKillingIt

10. A little mold won’t kill you

11. Because they think they’re too cool for purses

12. Not about wants, all about needs

13. I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad

14. King of Parking

15. Back pain? Beer belly?

16. Finding a parking spot takes serious concentration

17. The pestering father

Real dad response: “Why do all kids have to pee the second the car starts moving?”

18. Dad jokes on fleek

19. Marking territory with dirty socks

20. Yello