What Kind Of Lover You Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has a set of unique preferences when it comes to choosing a lover, but did you know that your star sign can point you towards what you want and need in the bedroom?

Whether you’re a passionate Leo or an experimental Aquarius, read on to discover what – and who – will make you happy.


As one of the most passionate signs, you are confident in bed, and you need a partner who is equally uninhibited.

Although you value meaningful sex, you are able to separate it from love.

Long foreplay sessions don’t appeal to you; you prefer a more direct approach.


Taurus is a sensual sign, and they carry this preference into the bedroom.

They also favor sex in the context of a committed relationship, rather than on a casual basis.

If you are a Taurus, tantric sex with a loyal, patient lover will suit your needs perfectly.

You probably love fine food and wine, and a gourmet dinner is sure to put you in the mood. 


The typical Gemini will try anything once, and they thrive on variety.

Most Geminis are happy to talk about their wants and needs before and even during sex, so if you were born under this sign you need a lover who is willing to be equally open.

To have a truly satisfying relationship, you need someone who can also stimulate your mind as well as your body.


For you, sex and love go hand in hand.

You are not interested in casual encounters; you want romance along with passion.

As a selfless lover, you appreciate others who also put the needs of their partners before their own.

Because you are sensitive to criticism, you need someone who is quick to show their appreciation. 


Your love life is adventurous, even extravagant and theatrical at times – just like your personality.

You need a lover who is willing to fully enter the moment with you and explore your fantasies.

Although you appear very confident, you have underlying insecurities, so your ideal lover is generous with compliments.


Virgos associate sex with romance.

If you are a Virgo, you are unlikely to find casual flings very fulfilling.

Even if your partner isn’t the love of your life, you like to feel as though they have at least taken the time and effort to seduce you with romantic gestures.

There is a playful innocence to your sexuality, and you need a partner who can appreciate it.


For you, romantic gestures and light-hearted flirtation are the best types of foreplay.

As someone with an instinctive sense of justice, you need someone who will balance your needs with their own – and you are happy to reciprocate in kind.

Although everyone prefers an attractive partner, Libras in particular need a lover they find aesthetically appealing.


Scorpios are notorious for their high libidos and sexual appetites.

If you are a Scorpio, you need someone who is unashamedly intense, both in and outside of the bedroom.

You may also have an interest in power play or unconventional activities, and therefore it may take some time to find the person who can keep up with you.


No matter how long your relationship lasts, you’ll never want to stop exploring your sexuality.

You need to be turned on mentally before physically, and the idea of breaking norms and rules appeals to you.

You need a lover who is equally willing to take risks and go further than most people in pursuit of pleasure.


For you, anticipating and planning an encounter is a key part of the experience.

As a perfectionist who is inclined towards order and routine, you can find it hard to shed your inhibitions.

You need a partner who will encourage you to move beyond your comfort zone, try new things, and lose yourself in the moment. 


Your ideal lover is someone who can offer you a deep emotional connection, coupled with sensual pleasure.

You have a natural affinity with technology and are forward-thinking, so toys and props are likely to play a role in your love life.

As someone who appreciates intense conversations, your love also needs to be articulate and charismatic.


Your preference is for sensitive partners that approach sex with a respect almost bordering on reverence.

You need a lover who is happy to enter the realm of role play and fantasy, but only on your terms; you will quickly withdraw if anyone pressures you to move beyond your comfort zone.

Looking back over your love life to date, you may notice that your partners share similar characteristics.

On the other hand, if you are an experimental sign, you might have spent time with people who, at first glance, aren’t a good match.

Whatever your star sign, take your sexuality seriously; time spent finding the right partner is time well spent.