25 Funny Tweets That’ll Perfectly Sum Up What Marriage Is All About

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it’s also a rather difficult thing. Two different people coming together to make a life as one entails a good deal of compromise, sacrifice, and selfless actions.

No matter how much you love your spouse, they will drive you crazy and irritate you to no end. They may wreck the car, break the fridge, or forget your anniversary.

Perhaps it’s the little things that drive you mad – like leaving all the kitchen cabinets open, or never putting the clean pots and pans away.

No matter what your spouse does to anger you, at the end of the day, no one has your back like a supportive and loving partner.

Marriage is filled with highs and lows, but in the midst of the lows, just remember they make the highs that much better.


Considering at least 50% of marriages end in divorce, it’s important to appreciate the partner you are with.

I’ve been a bridesmaid/maid of honor in 4 weddings, and 2 ended in divorce within 1 year of saying “I Do.” So, in my experience around 50% of marriages do end in divorce.


Certain occupations are linked with a higher rate of divorce, including gaming managers (52.9%), bartenders (52.7%), and flight attendants (50.5%).

As for occupations with the lowest divorce rates, actuaries only have a 17% divorce rate, followed by physical scientists (18.9%), clergy workers (19.8%) and software developers (20.3%).


Marrying someone you had an affair with is usually not a good idea, with 75% of these marriages ending in divorce.


Marrying young is another risk factor. Couples who wed under the age of 25 are at a heightened risk for divorce.


Enough about divorce – let’s talk about happy wed couples, who tend to be more productive at work and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

According to psychologists at Wake Forest University, marriage offers greater life satisfaction than money, sex, or children.


Married couples should be spending more time together. The average married couple only spends four minutes a day of dedicated and focused time together.


The secret to a good marriage? Trust!

Trust tends to be the most prominent underlying factor among happy couples. Other important factors include friendship, good sex, compatibility, and forgiveness.


Marrying your perfect spouse cannot make you happy. A 15-year-long study discovered that the best predictor for a person’s happiness after marriage is how happy they were before tying the knot.


60% of divorcees will marry again following a divorce, many within five years of calling it quits.


The most successful marriages are between the oldest sister of brothers and the youngest brother of sisters.

Two firstborn lovers tend to have higher levels of aggression and may aggravate one another over time.

The highest divorce rates are seen when two only children marry – ah, the dreaded only child syndrome.


How long should one wait to get married? Research has found waiting three or more years to tie the knot results in lower divorce rates.


The world’s first marriages were documented in 1250-1300 CE.

In its earliest origins, the point of marriage was to form an alliance between two families, not to bring together two deeply in love individuals.

People didn’t marry for love, but instead for economic liaisons. Arranged marriages were the norm at this time.


Arranged marriages are still ongoing – in fact, they make up 90% of marriages in India. Around the world, about 53% of marriages are arranged.


Dating all the way back to the ancient Romans, the engagement ring is a nearly universal marriage tradition. The round nature of the ring is attached to the concept of eternity, and the couple’s union lasting forever.


The ring finger originated because it was once believed that there was a vein or nerve that ran all the way from the left ring finger to the heart.


Fun fact: 26 states still permit first cousins to get married.


The average married couple has sex 68.5 times a year – that’s around one time per week.

1 in 5 couples experience a sexless marriage – which is defined as having less than 10 sexual encounters per year.


The word “bride” originates from an old proto-germanic word that means “to cook” – yikes!


In France, one can marry a dead person.


Scary fact: interracial marriage was illegal in the US between 1776 and 1967.


Do you commute more than 45 minutes a day? If yes, you are 40% more likely to get a divorce.


The third year of marriage tends to be the happiest for most couples.


Don’t spend a lot of money on your wedding! Turns out, couples who spend more money on their big day have higher divorce rates.