Who Should You Date If You’re A Gemini?

A Gemini needs a flexible partner who can keep up with their quick minds, who delights in exploring the world, and is happy to talk about anything and everything for hours on end.

So, what star sign is the best match for Gemini?

In this guide, we’re going to look at who you should try dating if you were born under this sign – and who you should avoid if you are looking for a lasting relationship.

The 3 signs you should date

1. Aquarius

From the very first date, you’ll have a great rapport with an Aquarius.

You both love long intellectual discussions, witty conversation, and exploring new ideas.

If you happen to share the same interests, you’ll have a friend for life, even if you don’t click on a romantic level.

You both cherish your independence, so neither of you will feel smothered.

On the other hand, Aquarians can be slow to commit, which may frustrate you if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

2. Aries

Like you, Aries thrives on mental stimulation.

You will both have lots of fun traveling, joking, and talking together.

Both of you will be willing and able to invest lots of time and energy into the relationship.

The result is a life-enhancing, romantic bond.

Your Aries partner will want to play the role of leader, but you will still make a lot of the decisions behind the scenes.

Arians are somewhat impulsive, so you may need to be the more mature partner and rein them in from time to time.

They can also have a fiery temper.

Your relationship won’t be dull, but you may find your Aries partner a little overwhelming at times.

3. Libra

Libra is one of the most social star signs, and a Libra partner will fulfil your need for frequent social activities.

They are gregarious and stylish, two qualities that intrigue and delight you.

They will be happy to compromise without complaint when it benefits your relationship.

Gemini and Libra are both somewhat flaky and indecisive, so planning dates and trips may take a long time.

However, once you make it out of the house, you are bound to have a good time.

Which signs should you avoid?

1. Pisces

Your intellectual energy can be too intense for the more sensitive zodiac signs, and this is the case with Pisces.

These people are led by their intuition rather than intellect, and will be uncomfortable with the kind of intense discussions you love.

You are likely to find a Pisces too avoidant for your tastes.

2. Virgo

Virgos love order, and they are often perfectionists.

This will drive you crazy, because you like to be spontaneous.

Whereas you like to indulge in risky behavior from time to time, your Virgo partner will always be pointing out what could go wrong.

In short, you’ll start thinking they just want to spoil your fun.

3. Taurus

Taureans are reliable, steady, and favor the familiar over the unknown.

To put it bluntly, the average Gemini finds them rather dull.

Whilst Taureans love sensual pleasure, Geminis connect with their partners via conversation and shared intellectual interests.

Taureans take a more practical approach to life, and may be annoyed by Gemini’s flakiness.

What about dating another Gemini?

Should you try to find a partner of the same sign?

Proceed with caution, because this approach has its pros and cons.

On one hand, two Geminis together will enjoy lively debates, bond over their common interests, and share their dreams.

Gemini mood swings can be hard for other signs to understand, so dating someone with moods that change just as often as your own can be a relief.

You will both feel free to talk about your emotions, which is another major benefit.

Finally, two Geminis together will never be bored.

Their endless curiosity will drive them to continually seek out new experiences.

However, there are a few downsides. Geminis have a tendency to overthink and over-analyze their relationships and feelings.

Two Geminis together may spend more time talking about the relationship than they do enjoying it, particularly in times of trouble.

They may also find it hard to connect sexually once the initial thrill has worn off, because Geminis find combining sexual with emotional intimacy difficult.

Of course, astrological compatibility is far from a failsafe predictor of romantic success.

However, if you are a Gemini looking for love, why not seek out an Aquarius, Aries, or Libra?

They might turn out to be the perfect match.