With India on Lockdown, Endangered Sea Turtles on Course to Lay SIXTY MILLION Eggs This Year

Modifications to production levels and overall human behavior in light of COVID-19 has highlighted some environmental and ecological benefits.

In India, over 475,000 endangered sea turtles have come ashore to lay their eggs this season. Due to stay at home regulations, beaches are empty and tourism has died down, making these spaces safer for animals who look for places to lay their eggs.

The Forest Department states that having such a great number of turtles nesting on the beach would usually draw anumber of tourists.

Crows and jackals would also come to harm the eggs, and local poachers would steal the turtle’s eggs from their nests to sell them in village markets.

With the lockdown in place, the forest and beach guards are free to protect the turtles with little distraction.

It is estimated that 60,000,000 eggs will be laid at the single Gahirmatha Beach.

Baby Tortoises Found on Galapagos Island For The First Time in Over 100 Years

In the mid 18th century when sailors first landed on the island, they unknowingly introduced foreign species such as rats.

The rats that snuck aboard those early ships and getting off on the island paradise decimated the population as they began eating tortoise eggs as one of their main sources of food.

As they had very few natural predators to keep their numbers down, Rats began multiplying and started eradicating the island’s tortoise population.

Things got so bad, in fact, that not a single tortoise offspring was able to survive the disaster decades long after the rats were first introduced.

This environmental catastrophe has taken generations to correct.

But now that we’ve seen the mistake that previous humans have created for this majestic animal, these humans have been able to help save them.

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