Woman Grows Moustache And Unibrow To “Weed Out” Bad Dates

31-year-old tutor, Eldina Jaganjac, has been faced with everything any odd-looking person can imagine — from continual stares from curious eyes to even insults and screams. She has been through it all. Talk about not giving a hoot! This lady is undeterred and has set out on a journey to let her unibrow and moustache grow, without minding anybody’s opinion of what she looked like.

While opening up about the abuse she receives from people, especially men, she revealed how her mustache and unibrow are actually a blessing in disguise.

She added how she grew frustrated realizing that women are expected to spend more time and money maintaining their looks than men are.

This is what prompted the 31-year-old tutor, in March 2020, to decide to completely stop shaving her eyebrow and upper lip.

Albeit not caring about what she looks like to people she comes in contact with, she admitted how men have screamed “pluck that” into her face in the open streets. She also notices that some people stare at her like she’s got a ‘third eye’.

© Instagram/Eldina Jaganjac

“Actually, I don’t care what people think. It’s a personal decision what everyone makes of themselves, and I wish people would respect that and don’t care what a lady chooses to look like.

In fact, I’ve had people approach me on the street about how cool my facial hair is, with a few yelling at me instead. It felt uncomfortable,” she explained.

With regard to how her facial hair has been a blessing, Eldina said it has to do with her dating life.

“I get to weed out from the beginning more conservative suitors who are turned off by my facial hair.”

This begs the question, what was Eldina actually trying to achieve when she made that decision to let her facial hair grow unfetteredly? Was there some kind of record she was trying to break or a statement she’s trying to get out there?

It turns out, as hinted earlier, she was only trying to push the boundaries that limit women to societal expectancy of looks.

“I had always felt like there were very limited options to how women were supposed to look,” she explained.

“Women, compared to men, are expected to spend much more resources to be deemed visually acceptable in society, especially when they are in public places. But it’s nothing out of the blue when men decide not to shave their facial hair. No one notices or complains,” she added.

Furthermore, Eldina went on to explain how, just like any other female, she had learned to ‘police herself’.

She recalled how she wouldn’t feel comfortable setting out unless she had shaved her eyebrow to the societally acceptable size. She wouldn’t hit the gym unless her legs had been clean-shaven. She also admitted she felt less feminine due to her ‘rather voluminous eyebrows’ and that she was deemed a brute when her body hair first started to manifest as a teenager.

Now, she has decided to damn all that and focus on herself.

© Instagram/Eldina Jaganjac

“I’ve chosen to focus on the tasks and heights I need to attain. How I appear while at it is something I don’t mind anymore. Come to think of it, I won’t even see many of the people who make negative remarks again, and even if I do, I still don’t care.”

In the end, Eldina posed the question, “Why do we, as a society, feel it’s so important that women remove their body hairs?”

“I personally think it’s so irrelevant as we can do well to focus on more important things,” she concluded.

Do you share the same thoughts as Elinda?

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