After Her Vegan Diet Nearly Killed Her, Woman Starts A Carnivore Diet That Saves Her Life

At just 13 years old, Alma-Jade Chanter saw horrifying videos of a slaughter house and how factory farm animals are treated. It changed her life forever. She no longer wanted to be part of the cruelty.

Like so many of us, she gave up eating meat and dairy all together, going completely vegan. By 14, she’d jumped into even more extreme eating measures, sticking to a raw food diet.

Alma-Jade would only eat raw fruit and vegetables.

She would travel all around the world visiting raw fruit festivals, mingling with other like-minded people. Veganism wasn’t just her diet, it was her lifestyle.

This is in striking contrast to Alma-Jade’s diet today, which consists of brains and bone marrow. Yet, her former diet was wrecking her life and threatening her health – a reality she’d struggled to face for many years before making the switch.

After becoming so ill that she dropped 22 pounds, she knew something had to give.

The 25-year-old life sciences student is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Holland’s Wageningen University. “I was completely sucked into the narrative of veganism and bought it all entirely,” she said.

“It was making me so ill and eventually I realised that I couldn’t carry on because it was killing me. Within just a week of going carnivore I felt amazing, and for the first time in a long time my body was free of pain.”

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Before she made the switch, Alma-Jade’s parents were rightfully very concerned about their daughter’s health. When they took her to see a doctor, they were told her diet lacked necessary vitamins and minerals.

The doctor warned her that if she continued to eat the same foods, she would face long-term consequences. Her body simply wasn’t getting what it needed to survive, let alone thrive.

“I was so dogmatic and hard-headed that I didn’t listen to what anyone was telling me, just putting all my faith into the supposed health benefits of veganism,” she explained.

So, even after that doctor appointment, she continued living a vegan lifestyle. She attempted fasting and then juicing, but her health only declined.

After one year of being vegan, Alma-Jade ceased having regular menstrual cycles due to a lack of essential nutrients. In addition, her nails were etched with deep ridges caused by a calcium deficiency.

She had constant joint pain and her teeth and hair were also a mess.

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“My teeth were also in a terrible state, from the combination of having so much sugar from the fruit and not enough calcium.”

She explained a particularly traumatic day at the dentist: “I went to the dentist and my front tooth literally snapped in half, because the enamel had been so badly worn away. He asked me, ‘Are you drinking fizzy drinks for breakfast?’.”

Things got worse in 2013 when she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition that impacts the thyroid.

“But it was making me so ill and eventually I realised that I couldn’t carry on because it was killing me. Within just a week of going carnivore I felt amazing, and for the first time in a long time my body was free of pain.”

It took her body a few months to relearn how to break down animal muscle. From there, she started adding more meat and fish to her diet.

“My thyroid and metabolism improved and symptoms like hair thinning and joint pain got better,” she said.

“But I’d still have flare ups of my old symptoms like joint pain and fatigue, so I was still pretty unstable.”

Around this time is when her friend told her to listen to Dr. Shawn Baker, the author of The Carnivore Diet.


It was like a lightbulb went on. Alma-Jade began eating two meals a day, a mix of animal muscle meats, along with liver, heart and brain. She also eats a good deal of animal fat and bone marrow.

“Organ meat is very dense in nutrients and can provide you with everything you need – even vitamin C – and I get calcium from making bone broths,” she explains of her new diet.

Her favorite food may surprise you… brains!

“I really love brain, though, which has quite a mild and fluffy taste to it. I know people get a bit freaked out by that, but I just think if you’re going to kill an animal, you can at least be polite enough to eat the whole thing. I know it is extreme, but it is the most balanced I have ever felt.”

Her opinions on factory farming have not changed. She refuses to buy any meat from the supermarket, insisting all her meat comes from local farmers and butchers.

“Spending so many years waking up in pain each morning doesn’t give you much hope in life, but this way of eating changed my life – and possibly even saved it.”