“I NEED MORE!” – Woman Thinks a Dozen Donuts Equals 50. Demands Workers Give Her More

Social media users were thrown into ambivalence when a video surfaced online, showing a woman, who appeared to be in her mid-40s, yelling at a Dunkin Donuts’ employee that she ‘wants more!’

The woman, who has been described as Donut Karen on Twitter and TikTok, appeared all serious in the video as she stood her ground and demanded that the caterer provide her 50 donuts as a dozen, rather than 12.

‘I need more!’ she yelled while her order — a dozen donuts — is being packaged.

Thrown into confusion, the Dunkin Donuts’ employee asked what she meant by ‘more’, after having heard her scream ‘Fifty’ out of her lungs many times. The employee could be heard asking if she meant 15.

But our ‘Karen’ lady here spelt it out clearly for her saying ‘Fifty! 5—0!’

In furtherance of her delusion, she enunciated, “That’s what a dozen is; it’s not 12.”

It’s evident the lady is adamant about getting her 50 donuts, but why have social media users described her as ‘Karen’, and what does the word mean?

Karen is a pejorative term used to describe a person — particularly a woman — who is irritatingly entitled, rude, and overly demanding.

But, let’s cut this lady here some slack. Do you think her behavior really reeks of entitlement and ill behavior?

Another question, what could possibly be the reason for her naivety? Or, to put it subtly, unawareness?

Social media users have split opinions on this lady’s behavior, and, although many of their responses are hilarious, a few others are also a reality check on the feasibility of the educational system in the United States.


How Did Social Media Users Perceive This Lady’s Attitude?

A Twitter user, AngryWhiteBitch, said her attitude was truly indicative of a Karen attitude. She further described her as “Bossy, always-right, white Christian privilege (sic)”

“She obviously didn’t have any role model to teach her magic words and etiquette while growing up. How do we reprogram her attitude?” she added.

Another social media user, Diane Winkler, did, however, go easy on her.

“While it’s wrong to outrightly fat-shame her, she does, however, deserves the negativity flying around for the way she treated the Dunkin Donuts’ employee.”

Meanwhile, some other social media users, in their usual sarcasm, have supposed the lady is a Trump supporter, on the basis of her attitude.

“She went to Trump University,” tweeted a user, to which another person replied, “And graduated top of the class!”

In a hilarious reply, another person said, “There are 50 donuts in a dozen. It is called Trump dozen!”

In another pool of opinion, this has also prompted some users to shift the blame on the United States Government, claiming it’s the result of a failed educational system.

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long while.

We need to invest in and pay more attention to our educational system,” said an infuriated Twitter user.

Another user begged to differ and said the educational system is not to be blamed.

“Teachers can only do their best in instilling knowledge; a student also has to put in individual efforts and become an active learner. Clearly, this woman wasn’t an active learner,” she explained.

How Did The Story End?

We couldn’t quite cover fully the event unfolded, but a continuation video resurfaced in the later hours of the day and didn’t seem to make as many waves as the first one did.

The video revealed the woman still with the Dunkin Donuts’ employee.

She could be seen resting on the counter this time and still adamant about a dozen donuts being 50.

“A dozen is twelve,” the employee replied.

“I want more than twelve! I want 50!” she insisted.


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Some people have suggested this lady might be suffering some medical issues.

Do you share the same thoughts?

Or would you rather hold the educational system accountable?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.