17 People Reading All The Wrong Books In Public

When you read out in public, chances are people are going to notice what book you are reading.

It’s all a part of the curious nature of humans, after all people assume the books you read say a lot about who you are as a person.

The people on this list forgot to care, and decided to read some poorly chosen material in public places, causing hilarious photos to be snapped and shared with the world.

What you read does not necessarily define who you are, but we love to stereotype just as much as we love to exercise our curiosity.

Some books are known to make you look smart if you are caught reading them.

And there are other books with silly titles, covers, and more that can make the person caught reading them a source of uncontrollable giggles.

Enjoy laughing at these 17 people reading all the wrong books in public places.

1. The One Book You Should Never Read On The Subway, Unless You Never Want To Meet Any Women


2. The Man Behind The Novel 

Sometimes it’s not what you’re reading, but how you’re holding the book.

This poor guy got caught in his hospital gown reading a book that strangely seems to be morphing into him.


3. Clearly, This Is One Of The Last Times This Guy Plans To Eat Alone 

After all, he is reading ‘How To Never Eat Alone’ over his sandwich lunch.


4. I Love The Face You’re Making… Oh Wait, That’s Your Book

Her hand placement makes her beach reading material even more perfect.


5. Rebel Without A Cause 

This guy hopes he can gain new insights and secrets within the pages of his reading material.


6. Learning How To Be An Alpha Dog Is Exhausting 

Something tells me this book might actually be about dogs…


7. The Greatest Cover Up Of All

This lady has no idea where her fingers are at the moment, but the photographer sitting across from her is sure getting a good giggle out of it.


8. The Girl That Fell Asleep Reading The Wrong Magazine For Her Complexion 


Definitely had to take a second look at this one..


9. Men Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey


10. And Liking It Way Too Much…


11. Clearly He Hasn’t Started Fasting Yet, He’s Still Trying The ‘Jared’ Subway Diet


With so many different platforms available to read on it’s interesting that people still overwhelmingly prefer to read the printed copy. Perhaps some of the people on this list should have downloaded the digital copy, as these titles and covers are a little too embarrassing to blatantly read out in public.

12. The Number One Book Men Want To Be Caught Reading


13. The Moon Walk Lady


14. This Girl’s Reading Material Attracts A Lot Of Male Attention 


15. Memoirs Of A Geisha, Read By The Geisha Herself 


Some interesting facts about readers: 76% of American adults (18-years and older) say that they read at least one book in the year 2013.

During this same time frame, 69% of adults read a book in print, 28% read an e-book, and 14% listened to an audio book.

69% of males have read a book in the last year, while 82% of females have read a book in the last year. Income and education levels also affect the likelihood someone has read a book in the last year.

16. When Frightening Books Come To Life


17. Learning ‘How To Be Black’ 


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